about becky

A recent life transition led me to make more time for designing beautiful interiors, something I’ve loved for a long time. Coming from a family of artisans, my grandparents furniture makers and my dad a craftsman and commercial builder, I always knew I’d want to continue this tradition of creative work.

becky photoAfter a career in sales and marketing with architecture and interior design firms, I began to incorporate my learnings into my real estate career and found that I mostly loved helping friends and clients design, decorate, and navigate how to most effectively use the spaces in their homes. Whether creating a master plan of updates to best resale a home, staging each room to get top dollar or selecting materials for a remodel of a new purchase, my love for interiors has always been center focus.

My happiest times are with my husband, daughters and two dogs, a pug and coonhound. While some of our best memories are during our travels together, some of the fondest are in the quiet (or not so much) of our home. We keep creativity alive by sharing our passions with one another: interiors and architecture, photography, animation, painting, drawing, cooking, and jewelry making. We each have a love for art and fill our home with colorful pieces from artists we’ve discovered through the years. I’m constantly designing in my mind – planning, creating, rearranging, organizing – to keep life interesting and the old new again. And I hope to be able to bring a little of this energy to  you and help make your space more fun.