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Welcome to Sundance Studio


I'm constantly inspired by the abundant beauty of the Pacific Northwest, found art and designers around the world. Our life experience comes from the energy around us and I strive to offer jewelry designs using naturally beautiful beads that make you feel surrounded with comfort and confidence. By selecting naturally derived materials reflective of the colors of the earth, I want to bring you everyday pieces that add a bit of fun modern chic while feeling classic and timeless. 

I have loved selecting the perfect pieces for my own wardrobe and home through the years and I want to share that style with you through Sundance Studio. My hope is that each piece has endless possibilities no matter your favorite style, so you can pair it with a dress or your favorite t-shirt and jeans for a fresh look no matter your mood. 


A  L I T T L E  A B O U T   M E

A recent life transition led me to make more time for designing and making jewelry, something I've loved for a long time. And I'm happy to bring my designs to you through Sundance Studio. 

My happiest times are with my supportive husband, Jason, my daughters, Elle and Kate and my Treeing Walker Coonhound, Finley. Our most recent addition is a Pug named Loca. While some of our best memories are during our travels together, some of the fondest are in the quiet (or not so much) of our home. We keep creativity alive by sharing our passions with one another: interiors and architecture, photography, animation, painting, drawing, cooking and, of course, jewelry making. 

We each have a love for art and fill our home with colorful pieces from artists we've met through the years. I'm constantly designing in my mind - planning, creating, rearranging, organizing - to keep life interesting and the old new again. All along, I've loved helping friends and clients design and decorate their homes. And making jewelry has been my guilty pleasure for a long time. Following the talents of other artists and designers for inspiration is one of my favorite things to do and I hope to inspire you through my creations as well.